Let’s take a self-portrait: The rise of the selfie addiction

Taking a selfie has become an addiction, even if many will not admit it. The urge to take a self-portrait every day, wherever you go, or even in your personal space has become a habit. Posting your selfies in social media happens in a daily basis, and mostly selfies are often uploaded in Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, and other social media than images that is taken by others, or pictured of a group.

Psychology behind the selfie

With the innovation of technology, you now have the power to present a self that you want the world to see through social media. In taking a selfie with your smartphone, you can filter the effects, edit the result, appears like a different person on camera than in real life. The need to alter the physical appearance in social media has become something that you just need to do. With or without realizing it, you seek approval from thousands of your friends by uploading your selfie. You are showing the world an image of you that has been carefully chosen among the many self-portraits you have taken, chosen the one you want to portray, and constantly checks how many likes and comments you get. It feeds your ego when you see hundreds of likes, and you re-read the comments and delete the unsavory ones.

Selfie is a way to make you feel better about yourself, to boost your self-esteem, to make your online friends see a different you. It has become a reason to compare yourself with other individuals, and when you see another person’s selfie, you may admire it and like it, but you have the unconscious need to make your own selfie that surpasses the one you liked. You take a selfie and post it and loves looking at it over and over again because in a way, you want to escape the reality of the real you. You enhance what you look like because you have a deep longing to be the person in the self-portrait.

Loneliness is also one of the reasons to take a selfie. Though many argue that it’s not the case, it rings true to many people. You post a selfie to get attention from the online world, and you wouldn’t have to do that if you are surrounded by genuine people. But, mostly, selfies are created out of pure vanity, to gather likers and admirers.