How to make a GIF?

GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a great way to present animated images or videos to the world in an awesome way. You can dig into your creativity and make your captured precious moments tell a beautiful and informative story. Or, you can use GIF to make a strong marketing statement. There are various ways that you can create a GIF, and the top options for many users are Photoshop,, and


For still images, upload your photos by clicking File, then scripts, and “Load Files Into Stack”. Click on “Browse”, choose the images for the GIF, and go to the Timeline Window where you can create different frame animation for each layer, and create frames from the chosen layers. Then choose the time delay for each image, and choose the loop times. For videos, click File, then Import, and choose “Video Frames to Layers” and decide the time line of the videos. You can edit the layers, add texts in each layer, create desired effects, make the words move, and other styles you choose. Once your GIF is done, preview the GIF, save and export it. Remember, when you save the GIF, choose the option “Save for Web”.

In the home page, you can choose either to “Choose Photo or Gif”, or “Choose Video”. The videos can come from YouTube, Vimeo, and other compatible links. All you have to do is upload a series of still images or videos, then select the image duration for images, duration and start time for videos. After that, choose “Continue to decorate”, and add a caption, wherein you can choose the font colors, animations and styles. You can also add nice stickers and the effects can be filtered. And then, click on “Continue to upload”, then input the URL source and tags, and decide whether to make your GIF public or private, and last step is to click “Upload to GIPHY”.

This is a fascinating site to turn videos into GIF. You can upload your videos or paste the URL from Vine, Instagram, and YouTube into the white search box and click on “Continue”. Select the time frame from the timeline to use as GIF, and then edit the chosen GIF by putting captions, crop, choosing the padding, selecting the effects (hue, blur, invert), and adding stickers. Once you’re satisfied with the result, click on the “Create GIF” button.