How to make a funny meme?

How to make a funny meme?

Meme is a fantastic way of making a statement, and is popularly used by many individuals for personal or marketing purposes. Not to mention the traffic that memes provide to a website. The right meme can go viral, and funny memes are the best. To make memes, you need to have a meme app like Meme Factory, Imgur MemeGen, Meme Maker, Memedroid, and others. Memes are used mostly for marketing purposes, to catch the attention of the intended audience, and are designed to provoke a call-to-action. Marketing is made even more powerful by the use of memes, and aside from that, memes are created to drive traffic to new or existing websites, and a lot of times, memes are made just for the fun of it.

What you want to convey

Before you create a meme, you need to know first exactly what message you want to tell using your meme. What funny thought you want inflicted on the minds of people in the social media world. When you have determined what you want, look for an image that speaks of resilient emotion, from the famous movies or TV shows or political event, or even your own picture.

Witty through sarcasm

Sarcasm is actually the best way to be funny in memes, especially when the caption is something that everyone can relate to. Funny memes are always spiced with subtle insults that are designed to be funny, coupled with the right image. It is important to make the meme’s texts as general as possible, so as to avoid aggravating specific people or organization. The sarcasm needs to be combined with a witty response or statement that makes the whole meme funny. Of course, the image for the meme must correspond to the caption, or else the meme will not get the desired impact.

Create a meme

Creating a meme is fairly simple, you just need to choose your meme maker and upload your chosen image, add your preferred text caption, choose a template, save and upload the finished meme, and share your amazing work to your friends, and in social media. Remember, the most successful memes have short texts that are relatable, and the pop culture is the most favorite source of memes images. And if the meme is created for a specific brand, make sure that there is a connection of the funny meme you created to your brand.